Wednesday, 26 February 2014


During a very rare afternoon sans little people, I popped into Cheltenham in order to obtain some going out shoes (little people tend to put the damper on going out so I got rid of most of my heeled shoes in favour of ballet flats, wellies or trainers). Whilst sauntering in one of the arcades I walked into a bright and inviting shop called Tiger that sells an eclectic range of items from kitchen to crafts and gifts to tech accessories.

Well what do you know they had this! 75% Wool and 25% Polyamide, 170m of stripey sock heaven - in a range of shades too and right next to it a range of needles and accessories, I picked up the 2.5mm Bamboo DPN's as I only have these in a ridiculously sharp metal set. Just inside the shop by some office bits and bobs were the Sheep clips - anyone else thinking seam holders for when it comes to stitching up (I did)?


Oh did I mention that the yarn was £1 per ball, as were the needles, the sheep clips I think were £2 but can't find the receipt to confirm.
Take a peek at the other things they sell (in store only sadly) here

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