Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Projects Catch Up :: Drop Spun Yarns

 Not a vast amount happening in the hand-spun world, i'm still practising with the Botany Lap Waste fibre bag I bought from World of Wool. I don't know what the fibres are exactly but I tried to pair two colours in each skein that felt and handled similarly. The blue/copper skein is a two-ply and the green i spun the two colours in turn and Navajo plied to keep the colour changes consistent. Both skeins have been soaked and whacked to help balance the twist, the Green is about an aran weight and the Blue is DK weight. I ended up with 32 metres below and 45 above.

I'm trying to spin more consistently and definitely feel I did that in the blue but I have a long way to go until I have a more relaxed method and resulting yarn. I think I'm adding too much twist and am trying not to with my next lot of fibre.
Can't think for the life of me what either of these want to become in the end!!! Watch this space.

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