Wednesday, 26 February 2014


During a very rare afternoon sans little people, I popped into Cheltenham in order to obtain some going out shoes (little people tend to put the damper on going out so I got rid of most of my heeled shoes in favour of ballet flats, wellies or trainers). Whilst sauntering in one of the arcades I walked into a bright and inviting shop called Tiger that sells an eclectic range of items from kitchen to crafts and gifts to tech accessories.

Well what do you know they had this! 75% Wool and 25% Polyamide, 170m of stripey sock heaven - in a range of shades too and right next to it a range of needles and accessories, I picked up the 2.5mm Bamboo DPN's as I only have these in a ridiculously sharp metal set. Just inside the shop by some office bits and bobs were the Sheep clips - anyone else thinking seam holders for when it comes to stitching up (I did)?


Oh did I mention that the yarn was £1 per ball, as were the needles, the sheep clips I think were £2 but can't find the receipt to confirm.
Take a peek at the other things they sell (in store only sadly) here

Projects Catch Up :: Drop Spun Yarns

 Not a vast amount happening in the hand-spun world, i'm still practising with the Botany Lap Waste fibre bag I bought from World of Wool. I don't know what the fibres are exactly but I tried to pair two colours in each skein that felt and handled similarly. The blue/copper skein is a two-ply and the green i spun the two colours in turn and Navajo plied to keep the colour changes consistent. Both skeins have been soaked and whacked to help balance the twist, the Green is about an aran weight and the Blue is DK weight. I ended up with 32 metres below and 45 above.

I'm trying to spin more consistently and definitely feel I did that in the blue but I have a long way to go until I have a more relaxed method and resulting yarn. I think I'm adding too much twist and am trying not to with my next lot of fibre.
Can't think for the life of me what either of these want to become in the end!!! Watch this space.

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Bakers Dozen

I picked up some Stylecraft Special DK to help make story sacks at my sons school and went on the hunt for a pattern for current buns - not finding quite what I wanted I put together the buns you see below, you don't have to make 5 for the rhyme or 13 for that matter either!

Please click on the button below to receive a free instant PDF download direct from Ravelry (no account necessary).

Basic Finger Bobs

Scraps of DK yarn and some toy stuffing and voila - sticks and yarn become all sorts of characters when the children get hold of them

Please click on the button below to receive a free instant PDF download direct from Ravelry (no account necessary).


Starting with either a provisional or ordinary cast-on the cowl is worked as a short wide scarf with cabled edges before the cast-on edge is grafted to the live stitches to create a seamless piece.

Please click on the button below to receive a free instant PDF download direct from Ravelry (no account necessary).


 A triangular shawlette created from a single skein of sock weight yarn, with an eyelet edged border.

Please click on the button below to receive a free instant PDF download direct from Ravelry (no account necessary)


 One Skein of King Cole Magnum Chunky and you have a beginner level scarf that has buttonholes placed to allow the wearer a choice of options.

Please click on the button below to receive a free PDF download instantly from Ravelry (no account necessary).

Simple Soft Baby Blankie

 A fine knit baby blanket, using Yarn Overs at the start of each row to create the central square and then picking up and knitting the border in the round. Please click the button below to instantly download the pattern - no Ravelry Account necessary.

3hr Fingerless Mitts

Quick Mitts, cleverly constructed flat in one piece then seamed together using a small amount of Aran yarn - whip your own up in an afternoon.

Please click on the button below for instant PDF download direct from Ravelry (no account necessary).

Free Pattern (Testing new layout of pages)

Under Maintenance - testing testing 1...2...3...

Projects Catch Up :: Littlest Mans Choice

I asked both boys to choose a birthday sweater design they wanted from Ravelry and this is what Littlest man chose - his birthday was back in January and I finished j u s t in time. It's been worn a lot since because it is cosy but simple to wear, no fussy hoods or collars which bother him a lot. He made a great informed choice for a 4 year old!
The pattern itself took a fair bit of deciphering and I basically winged it from the yoke up, I also didn't use seed stitch as it really irritates me, I seem to miss a stitch and end up ribbing all the time (clearly focussing on Nashville too closely on the gogglebox!). Yarn is Rowan Denim which has washed a few times since really well and not shrunk as the ballband would suggest.
Pattern Page here
Ravelry Project Page here

I also surprised him with a Tree Fu Tom costume and here he is 'doing the moves to make the magic, Tree Fu Goooooo!'

 Sewn from a ladies XS Tee, a mans XL tee and a fleece blanket for the wings. He already had the belt and wrist parts of the costume.

Monday, 24 February 2014

Projects Catch Up :: Moses Basket Blanket

I used Rowan 4ply Cotton and just crocheted some squares then joined them together with a lie flat DC zig-zag, I just worked at it until I found something I liked. This is ready for the next baby to show up in the family/friends circle (unknown as yet that we're expecting any). I was surprised how nicely the blanket blocked considering it is cotton but it should hold up to lots of washing when it's finally in use.
I don't know about you but I had an intended recipient in mind but I gifted them a handknitted newborn set and they looked at it like it was an alien about to eat their child so I guess that means they're not handcrafted gift people. I'd much rather give them something they'll use and be happy with so this will have to wait. Do you have those dilemmas when you're making for someone else?
My Ravelry Page here

Sunday, 23 February 2014

Projects Catch Up :: Hermione

You would be forgiven for thinking that I had a thing for Harry Potter themed knitting (maybe I do), I like to think it is just a coincidence!
These were the first finished project of 2014 and a gift for my sisters birthday. I used Rico Design Superba Bamboo which feels a bit flimsy for an every day sock but for special gift ones it's really special, soft and snuggly - I bought it Ally Pally a couple of years ago and I'm glad it finally has a project and home to go to. The pattern is easily memorised and interesting enough to make them fly off the needles (I used DPN's, which I dislike but didn't have circular tips in the right size).

Pattern Page here
My Ravelry Page here

Saturday, 22 February 2014

Projects Catch Up :: Heliopath

 I saw the Unofficial Harry Potter Knits booklet ages ago and it was the Heliopath vest for Luna Lovegood that sparked my interest the most closely followed by Ginnys Owl Cardigan - I already had the yarn for the vest so off I went below it's completed but unblocked. I finished it back in November I think

Pattern Page here
My Ravelry Page here
The yarn I used is the fairly new Stylecraft Alpaca DK - it's a great budget yarn that knits up really well and has a lovely soft haze to it but not so much that it obscures the cabling.

I loved the cable pattern so much that I had to make myself a hat from it (it's still missing a pompom on the top but I'm not convinced it needs it)

My Ravelry Page here
This was knitted from some Wendy Mode DK left over in my stash when I ordered the wrong grey to finish another top - oops.
 And modelled last week in a 5 minute window of sunshine.

Friday, 7 February 2014


My absence is likely to go on for longer than I had hoped - I, as much as most people who are willing to share some of themselves on a blog, have had to decide whether I want to continue doing so. I have been feeling incredibly run down and lacklustre for the past 8-12 months.
I have been diagnosed with Coeliac disease and whilst I come to terms with the changes I must make to keep myself as healthy as possible for my family in the future; my already sporadic posting is likely to get worse, sorry.
I can't see myself closing this page down because that makes me even more sad but I seem at a loss for what to write. In fact writing that has made me realise it isn't strictly true, I have a pile of FO's to share from *gasp* November last year and beyond!
Hope that all my readers are well themselves - I'm still here reading your blogs and updates and will hopefully settle back in soon x

For now I found this at The Daily Quipple and it reminds me that I must be patient with myself whilst learning how to live a bit differently than before (and that yarn will get me through!).