Friday, 8 November 2013

Homemade Spindles...

I wasn't going to 'get into' spinning, but i'm about as effective as a chocolate teapot at resisting yarn and now fibre of any kind!

As you know my very kind Dad got me going with a handmade drop spindle. I'd been looking at the handcrafted ones online and reading about what to start out with as a beginner and spotted a Top Whorl spindle I thought I/we could recreate simply and with little cost. 
This Top Whorl spindle is made from 11" of 9mm Hardwood Dowel and some Yew that Dad had been drying out in his shed for years, as you can see it's already been in use and has spun 10m of scrap fibre I had bought and now has a coarse fibre on that I'm cursing at as it breaks constantly (any tips anyone?)

 We then went on and made a whole bunch using some Ash and Laburnum branches too
This is my favourite - mainly because I found and cut the wood and when it had been oiled these beautiful rich colours came out. 

At the moment all the spindles we've made can be changed from Top to Bottom Whorl as the whorls haven't been glued in and are a tight fit (hand drilled and filed to be so). I love them all and feel myself getting a little carried away!

Any spinners reading this - can you recommend me a good instructional book/website as I've been watching You-Tube and got some basics but really need to answer questions like, how much twist is enough?

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