Sunday, 21 July 2013

Summer Holidays are here...

We've already been to the Beach twice and plan to go lots more times (it's a 300 mile round trip) despite how long and tiring the day is. The benefit of course is that we only choose to go when the weather is likely to be really good, the boys are growing more confident of the sea and approach the waves as a challenge to leap over and spend lots of time being towed in their little dinghy.

I'm working on lots of WIP's (work in progress) at the moment with not a lot to show for it but will knuckle down now there's not quite such a rush to get places for the next 6 weeks. My eldest sons first year at school is over and we're very proud of how it's gone - he's looking forward to next year as his Teacher goes with them in a swap around at the school, really lucky as she's fabulous!

I've secured a place at college in September which I'm thrilled about, it's been a long time since I've been a student and I can't wait to stretch the grey matter in that way again. I'm studying to formally support the teachers and students in the classroom, which I've been doing on a voluntary basis for a while now - looking forward to finding a job at the end of it!

Not many pictures this time but hope to be back sooner with some actual completed items and some shots of our fun this summer, I'll leave you with our fun from day 1 - pipe cleaners...

Antennae, bugs, aliens and daddy made a racing car and driver!!
 HRH King of the house...

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  1. Let's hope the weather continues like this so you can get plenty of beach time in the summer holidays! :)


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