Thursday, 25 April 2013

KCBW Day 4 - Colour Review...

Today, I'm thinking about the colours I use in my projects and to start with I must share what I think I use and then check the actual later on:

If i'm making for myself it's likely to be...


I looked up some colour wheels to show a bit more of what I like and dislike...the shades below left tend to leave out the ultra brights and are on the pastel side of things - I don't think there's a single colour that I dislike individually or even together. On the other hand the second image on the right freaks me out quite a bit as the really bright colours overpower those I like so much that I can't see them.

How accurate was I? A quick count of my Ravelry projects page and the split is:

9 - Grey
5 - Purple
4 - Teal
3 - Pink
3 - Cream
2 - Green
2 - Red
1 - Brown

Pink wasn't as popular as I thought - that could be as I have approxmiately 30 skeins in differing shades in my cupboard yet to be knit up! Completely forgot about Teal too - it featured in some of my grey items as well.
Note to self, no more cream - doesn't suit me at all and the 3 items I looked at are hardly worn too.

A very worthwhile exercise indeed. What's your favourite shade?

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