Tuesday, 23 April 2013

KCBW Day 2 Mascot Project

Yesterday I explained my choice of House of Bee for Knit and Crochet Blog Week 2013, today I'm going to talk through my process for creating a Mascot that embodies that - you never know I may even make it too (see how time flies!!!).

I have a notepad next to my usual knitting spot and when I head out to knit and natter I normally take it with me too, here's my starting point for my Bee Mascot - just thoughts and images to get me going.

Next, I googled Bee and checked out some images and articles to get me thinking, this led me to the BGF (Bee Guardian Foundation - not the BFG, Big Friendly Giant as I keep seeing when I look at those letters)

And it led me to this article about my very own home city that I'd not even heard about (ok it was last year , but still I get the local paper each weekend and I do read it through). It was a project in Gloucester to plant a minimum of 2000 bee friendly trees called Bee: Inspired - how very cool.

I like to design accessories, mainly because they are small enough to keep my interest and I've not yet delved into the garment sizing issue with them. I know I'll make something but what?

Very spooky co-incidence but the very first bumble bee I've seen this year has literally just buzzed indoors attracted by my sons stripy ball they've brought in. Ok, now I know I have to make whatever it is I land on!

A thought has just popped into my head - how about the Bee:nie, there is one similarly titled on Ravelry but I'm looking at making something, a little more subtle I think:


One Piece
Hive Side
Flower top Side
Bee Button/Badge / embroidered on?
Hive - alternating honeycomb effect stitch and garter lines (decreases in garter lines)
Flower, Intarsia flower top?, start this side and increase up to ribbed Brim, then down on hive side?

Thats as far as my thoughts have gone so far anyway - more later in the week when/if I start making it up.

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