Monday, 22 April 2013

Basic Finger Bobs...

FREE Pattern for Cute finger puppets that you can whip up a handful in a couple of evenings, using leftover scraps, they look great in solids and variegated shades alike. The possibilities for different looks with fun yarns is endless. 

A great project for beginners as minimal techniques used: Knit Front and Back Cast on Cast off Sewing upKnit 2 Together 
Make them in your team colours or personalise the heads by sewing on yarn in your child's hair colour.
No specific gauge given, test knit a body and wrap around your finger - if you feel you want it a bit tighter, drop a needle size or sew up with a larger seam. If you need more room, add on 2 stitches to the cast on number until it feels right for you.
The 1 side A4 written pattern is available:

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