Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Easter on the way...

If you're looking for a sweet gift to give this Easter there's still plenty of time to whip up a whole brood of chicks. A great stash buster using oddments of DK yarn, felt and thread. A "cheeper" alternative to bigger easter eggs when you fill them with the smaller fondant/caramel filled treat eggs that are everywhere in the shops at the moment.

The pattern is available here


  1. I love these! Every year I think about making some but haven't got round to it yet. Maybe this is the year!
    Jille xx

  2. Hi Clobelle, I am so happy to find your blog, I cannot believe how much we have in common! Baking, knitting, sewing, gardening...I have been having a good look back on all of your posts. And, would you believe we have two bunny rabbits too! Thank you for your sewing advice, I really need all the help I can get. I absolutely LOVE all of your knitting, I am really going to enjoy reading your future posts. :) x


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