Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Easter on the way...

If you're looking for a sweet gift to give this Easter there's still plenty of time to whip up a whole brood of chicks. A great stash buster using oddments of DK yarn, felt and thread. A "cheeper" alternative to bigger easter eggs when you fill them with the smaller fondant/caramel filled treat eggs that are everywhere in the shops at the moment.

The pattern is available here

Monday, 4 March 2013

Bathalf been and gone...

The big day loomed cold and grey, not my favourite running weather but it beats blazing sunshine.

I managed to improve on Cardiff Half Marathon last year by 4 minutes, which I'm very proud of. I'm in the middle below - number 13677.

I had a whole support crew at this race and it made all the difference in my opinion, DH followed me around the double loop circuit and was a one man fog horn cheering me on - my children, in-laws and a bunch of family friends also braved the bitter cold winds to watch out for me. I found the race incredibly tough due to the cold and frequently wondered what I was doing slogging up the bath course inclines (don't get me wrong they weren't bad but add the cold and I just wasn't feeling it).

I had the great opportunity to run alongside some of the country's and world's best runners as they lapped us - do you know this lady? She's a prolific and inspiring runner and she came in second this time and in the top 30 overall. (waving at my boys and support crew)
Well it's done now - I'm looking forward to the next half marathon even closer to home this time in Tewkesbury and 15 training weeks away!