Monday, 18 February 2013

The birthday train is in town

and it's for me this time, thought I would share my birthday cake creation. I was going to ask for a bought cake but many are a bit stingy on the jam - I decided therefore to make my own and get the Jam/Buttercream ratio to my liking. Here's the outcome, may even share a cut slice pic when we've cut it later x

Many happy returns to John Travolta and my favourite but perhaps less well known, TV's Biggest Loser personal trainer Jillian Michaels amongst of course many others too!


  1. Happy Birthday!! The cake turned out very well xx

    1. It was just as yummy as I hoped too, still loads left ;)

    2. I ma have to pop over for some! In training tomorrow so may not get an hour lunch but should do on frday if you are free xx


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