Wednesday, 20 February 2013

T-shirt recycle

As you know I'm a stay at home mum and thought it was about time I made use of my Textiles GCSE to help contribute to the household budget (or rather I wanted to save on spend!).

I have two young boys, the eldest turns 5 this year and the youngest is just 3 - they were born in different seasons so whilst hand me downs do work, I always find myself shelling out to add to the youngest more than I would like to. And of course the eldest is growing like a weed all the time!

Soooo, with the huge internet resource out there I decided to take inspiration and see what I could come up with.

Today, a T-shirt recycle, littlest man has just outgrown a lot of his winter tee's and is coming into the handed down summer items (albeit a lot of them are a bit loose on him - in particular trousers and shorts) but the eldest still fits these too so I can't pinch from him too much just yet.

In order to save buying them both new items I took a plain tee that neither would really wear and had come from a pack of 3, cut out the design from an old winter tee that was very much adored and worn constantly and added it to the summer short sleeve to make a snazzy new top....

I should add finally - he is wearing a second long sleeve Tee underneath as despite it being beautifully sunny today it is still too cold for bare little arms.

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