Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Jersey Scarf / Cowl...

Can you tell we're on half-term at the moment??? Two blog posts in a week and both makes!

I have seen a lot of printing and fabric paining around the web recently and I thought I'd join in. I fancied making myself a long cowl from a soft jersey fabric so off to e-bay for a cotton t-shirt fabric and a pot of silver fabric paint.

I used the 60" width of my fabric to make the length of the scarf and cut it to 50cm wide. Then I put a thin layer of paint on a paper plate and used a craft stamp of a postage mark to cover the fabric in a random fashion

This took ages to dry and I then ironed the paint with a teatowel on top to seal it.

Finally I stitched the length of the cowl wrong sides together, turned it to right side and sewed the short ends together to make my loop - here are the results:

Looking back at the pictures I wish I'd taken them after my 10 mile run when I was a bit more colourful and not against a grey background, boy I look washed out!!!

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