Wednesday, 30 January 2013

In it's own time...

Having shown you the yarn in my last post, I have committed the cardinal sin and managed to run out of what I now know is a discontinued shade of Wendy Mode DK, namely Shale. I have found some more on e-bay but until it gets here I will have to wait to show you my finished item, infuriatingly I only have the collar to complete.

In the meantime my patch of weeds has the following surprise hidden under a very straggly Lavender plant, I was given a pot of bulbs last year for the windowsill and I thought I'd see if they would survive in the ground - seems they have!!
 A difficult subject to shoot with the sharp gusts we're having at the moment. Almost as troublesome as another picture I need to share of my eldest sons completed sweater (he moves as fast as lightning when the camera is out, tries to do too many poses too quickly).

Enjoy the delights of spring as they come to you too x

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