Monday, 21 January 2013


 A little snowy scene of two bunnies who had not seen snow before, they were too young to be let out much last winter. Appropriately they're both coal black too.

 I promised myself that I would tidy up my wardrobe and give the garments I wear regularly a little space to hang more neatly. In doing so I came across a shrug I knitted in Wendy Mode DK a couple of years ago - it was my own pattern and I never really liked it. Normally these items would find their way to the charity bag but the yarn reminded me of another pattern I had queued on ravelry also some time ago now.

 I hope to have the finished item to show you soon. In other news my cable tunic is complete and I just need to get a good shot to share with you all x

 Keep warm wherever you are x

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  1. lovely to see the bunnies enjoying a nee experience. Our kitten tried it and didn`t like it! Jille xx


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