Wednesday, 30 January 2013

In it's own time...

Having shown you the yarn in my last post, I have committed the cardinal sin and managed to run out of what I now know is a discontinued shade of Wendy Mode DK, namely Shale. I have found some more on e-bay but until it gets here I will have to wait to show you my finished item, infuriatingly I only have the collar to complete.

In the meantime my patch of weeds has the following surprise hidden under a very straggly Lavender plant, I was given a pot of bulbs last year for the windowsill and I thought I'd see if they would survive in the ground - seems they have!!
 A difficult subject to shoot with the sharp gusts we're having at the moment. Almost as troublesome as another picture I need to share of my eldest sons completed sweater (he moves as fast as lightning when the camera is out, tries to do too many poses too quickly).

Enjoy the delights of spring as they come to you too x

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

7 weeks to go...

Starting to get a bit panicky now, less than 7 weeks actually until I run the Bath Half Marathon and these blasted weather has kept me in the Gym and that's holding back my mileage build up. Try as I might I cannot run any distance/time beyond half an hour on a treadmill until I am bored out of my brain.

 How am I supposed to improve on my Cardiff efforts if I can't get beyond this? Well, just going to have to aren't I, no use in complaining!

 Just to remind myself how I felt when I started on this journey, smiling before a training session with the running group I joined last September x

Monday, 21 January 2013


 A little snowy scene of two bunnies who had not seen snow before, they were too young to be let out much last winter. Appropriately they're both coal black too.

 I promised myself that I would tidy up my wardrobe and give the garments I wear regularly a little space to hang more neatly. In doing so I came across a shrug I knitted in Wendy Mode DK a couple of years ago - it was my own pattern and I never really liked it. Normally these items would find their way to the charity bag but the yarn reminded me of another pattern I had queued on ravelry also some time ago now.

 I hope to have the finished item to show you soon. In other news my cable tunic is complete and I just need to get a good shot to share with you all x

 Keep warm wherever you are x

Monday, 7 January 2013

For me...

Believe it or not but it's been a while since I've made something for me without a pattern and basically tailored to exactly what I want.

I'm working on a tunic style jumper to wear over a long sleeved T-shirt (mainly as I don't think I have enough yarn for sleeves too), it's a look I love and I really couldn't find what I wanted 'out there'. It will have an aran feel to it but in a DK weight yarn and I'm enjoying testing my ideas as I go without a definite plan.

The picture below is almost past all the waist shaping and I'm thinking of adding pockets with a narrower cable section on the front too.

I think cap sleeves with the same narrower cable along the top will also happen but they may not when I get there. The last couple of decisions will be the neck, I think fairly low but could have a chunky ribbed roll neck or a hint of ribbing to show the layered look off a bit better.

Even better, this is using some yarn I had stashed in 2011!

I'll see what you think when it's done but I've been noting my pattern as I go to share x

Friday, 4 January 2013

Happy New Year...

Just a quick post to wish all a very Happy 2013.

I'm still here! Plugging away on several patterns at once that I hope to start sharing in the next few weeks.