Saturday, 6 October 2012


I'm going back to a pattern I designed for a swap - I love what I did but fancy it could be great in a different way too.

The above is a close up of the rib detail on my Harlyn Cowl (clearly it's all about the Cowl at the moment) it's not the ribbing but the length of the knit - originally I designed it to be long and snug so you could wear it really wrapped up or more loosely as you felt like it.

Suppose that's what I'm really enjoying about doing my own thing is that I can change it and deliberate over the pros and cons to my hearts desire. I do alter other peoples patterns as I make them but feel tentative about what I'm trying to achieve by doing so.

Hope to share the outcome with you soon.

Almost forgot to mention that I think the Arwe shawl will have a hat to go with it. In principle anyway as the idea is definitely in my head, just working on the maths of the pattern and the decreases!!

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  1. That looks very like one that I have! ;)
    I wrap it around three times so that it is kind of loose. Everyone admired it when I wore it
    Jille x


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