Monday, 15 October 2012

Cardiff Half

A brief diversion from the crafty world to an event that has taken up lots of my time recently. On Sunday October 14th 2012 I took part in the 10th Anniversary Cardiff Half Marathon, along with 13,000+ others.
It took me 2hrs 24 minutes to get around, largely due to my support crew (DH) geeing me up at the start, 7th mile marker and spotting me at the finish too, so proud of my time as it beats anything I'd done in training hands down!
In order for you:
Waiting for the starting gun to be fired, in amongst the melee...

At the 7 Mile Marker (incidentally my fastest section)...
On the train home after I'd got my breathing back to normal, so overwhelmed on the finish line had to have a word with myself and calm down!...
Thanks to all the 30,000 ish supporters, the organisers and the other runners who made this an unforgettable event (especially with the aches lasting days afterwards)!


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