Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Winding me up...

I've been bidding on a vintage bit of knitting kit for a month now and keep losing out, firstly I forgot to increase my bid before the auction ended and then I didn't bid enough trying to get it for less and then someone frankly paid a ludicrous amount to get one and I lost again! I printed out a picture of the kit and asked my very handy Dad if he thought he could invent something that would do what it did without having all the necessary moulded parts etc. As it turns out - he said he wouldn't as his mum, my gran (incidentally the lady responsible for my knitting habit), had bought something many years ago to do the same job and he was sure she still had it....

My Gran has now very kindly given me the piece of kit as she no longer needs it - I wonder if any of you knitters out there would like to guess what it's for?

Will post a picture of it in action to reveal all later in the week!


  1. Holding skeins of wool while you wind it into a ball xx

  2. A replacement for husbands very unethusiastic hands for skein winding!! many happy hours spent doing this with my Mum who taughtme to knit.


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