Monday, 9 July 2012


As they will be known for ever more! I L O V E the way children mix up words and even create their own. H wore them for half the trip and after that moved on to taking his camera out of his backpack instead, haven't checked out his shots yet, could be some greats in there.

We spent a day with Nanny & Grandad at the Cotswold Wildlife Park, a familiar haunt for me and boys as we tend to take a trip once a year but N&G hadn't been since the last time they took me, my Sister and Brother many many years ago.

The rain held off all day (yes you read that right) and we had a super time, two very tired pickles this evening so hoping for a lie in tomorrow morning - I'm not kidding myself, I know that for us that's not how it works...

A few photos of the day for you...

A Meerkat Maul?? Such cuties until they revealed their nashers
The boys asked the Peacock to 'turnaround for the camera please' and amazingly it did - quite a few times and then it shook and the boys just had to stand and shake too - a real giggle moment
The park invested in a great viewing platform for the giraffes in recent years - you can get so close to them and all buggy friendly too.
There was a lot of jumping out from hiding places as we walked around - much fun had by all
New life everywhere around the park, more than we've ever been lucky enough to see before
Amongst the captive wildlife there was some actual wildlife, this mummy duck flew over our heads and landed in the flooded ditch pools formed around the rhino enclosure, eagle eyed Grandad spotted the ducklings and of course I had to attempt a photo!
Have you ever seen a Lion awake at one of these sorts of places??? We also, saw the very elusive Leopards prowling their cage - amazing!


  1. wow looks like a great day - mostly going to sulk in the corner as I was at work!

  2. Always a fabyy day out, it's even not too bad in the rain ~ and I've been quite a few times in the rain.


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