Sunday, 15 July 2012

New baby...

of sorts, hope I didn't get you all thinking with that title ooo errr!

I've had this as a WIP since forever, not a hard knit just other things kept coming up and I used DPN's to do it which are my least favourite knitting tools. It's the felted waldorf doll pattern and it's a great pattern, detailed and correct (from Ravelry here). If I were ever to do it again - I'd decrease down from the knees to make a more realistic leg/foot size and also give the arms an extra few rows in length. Since I'll be knitting it's clothes though I can adapt as I go along to make them fit the doll. The pattern I used was for a 15" doll and called for fingering weight yarn I had aran weight feltable wool and so used 5mm needles to get a bigger overall doll. I'm really pleased with it's size and shape.

Introducing Billy / Billie - depending in what mood my sons are in they have a non-defined boy/girl doll to play with. So far Billy has been put to bed and told to stay there all night by my youngest (funny that he remembers being told this when addressing his baby but can't actually do it himself!).
I had to set to and make him a pair of pants pretty quickly after my eldest asked me why he was still naked when 'we all had to get dressed this morning mummy?'. They're a bit on the large side to accommodate the feet I mentioned above but easy enough for small hands to practice with.

I completed the knitting yesterday afternoon and then popped it in the wash to felt it down. Then; whilst still wet, set to with a large knitting needle and lots of stuffing 'borrowed' from a cushion. It had to be filled wet so the felt could dry into it's new shape and as I pulled it from the machine I realised I had no toy stuffing left in my supplies argh. Billy went from 24" tall knitted to 19" felted and my sons coming home from hospital outfit fit him perfectly which was a newborn size - should be easy enough to dress the rest of him now.

The pattern came with instructions to make hair too, I'm not sure if I will add the hair or not so that it can be a boy or girl depending on what the boys want it to be to suit their play at the time. In fact, the hair is a crochet cap so I could make it a bit like a hat/wig I suppose. What do you think, confusing to the boys or helping them to be creative?? (over-thinking it I guess really)


  1. Oh what a cutie! You are

  2. I must admit that i had a pretty fun time play with him/her!! I may get my sewing machine out and see if i can craft a mini quilt or some clothes for playtime!

  3. Hi there,
    Not sure what's going on with my email but I have replied straight away! I'm so glad that you left a message on my blog otherwise I would never have known. You could try jillecymraeg(at) and see if that works and I'll try and contact you from there too. Hope that is ok.
    Jille xx

  4. Your Billie/Billy is such a cute darling.


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