Saturday, 21 July 2012

Treat for small feet...

A little pair of pop-ons for my friends new baby girl. No pattern as such followed, kind of made it up as I went along - lots similar available on Ravelry if you'd like to find one x

Friday, 20 July 2012


A tutorial I found through Ravelry and content on blog is here. I added an extra round as my box seemed a bit taller. Lovely, finished within a couple of hours and whilst doing other jobs too.

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

How many loaves...

did I have to bake before I got one that rose perfectly, had a nice crust - didn't taste 'odd' and could be sliced without a chainsaw or completely falling apart.

Too many to count, but finally it's done - thank you world wide web for all your advice, step by step photos and lordy knows how many different recipes for the humble loaf.

All my efforts were made in my Bampa's Hovis Tin - to this day it's never had more than a quick wipe around and still all the loaves it's made have slipped out with the smallest of crumbs in the corners left behind... Best of British manufacture I say!

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Winding me up...

I've been bidding on a vintage bit of knitting kit for a month now and keep losing out, firstly I forgot to increase my bid before the auction ended and then I didn't bid enough trying to get it for less and then someone frankly paid a ludicrous amount to get one and I lost again! I printed out a picture of the kit and asked my very handy Dad if he thought he could invent something that would do what it did without having all the necessary moulded parts etc. As it turns out - he said he wouldn't as his mum, my gran (incidentally the lady responsible for my knitting habit), had bought something many years ago to do the same job and he was sure she still had it....

My Gran has now very kindly given me the piece of kit as she no longer needs it - I wonder if any of you knitters out there would like to guess what it's for?

Will post a picture of it in action to reveal all later in the week!

Sunday, 15 July 2012

New baby...

of sorts, hope I didn't get you all thinking with that title ooo errr!

I've had this as a WIP since forever, not a hard knit just other things kept coming up and I used DPN's to do it which are my least favourite knitting tools. It's the felted waldorf doll pattern and it's a great pattern, detailed and correct (from Ravelry here). If I were ever to do it again - I'd decrease down from the knees to make a more realistic leg/foot size and also give the arms an extra few rows in length. Since I'll be knitting it's clothes though I can adapt as I go along to make them fit the doll. The pattern I used was for a 15" doll and called for fingering weight yarn I had aran weight feltable wool and so used 5mm needles to get a bigger overall doll. I'm really pleased with it's size and shape.

Introducing Billy / Billie - depending in what mood my sons are in they have a non-defined boy/girl doll to play with. So far Billy has been put to bed and told to stay there all night by my youngest (funny that he remembers being told this when addressing his baby but can't actually do it himself!).
I had to set to and make him a pair of pants pretty quickly after my eldest asked me why he was still naked when 'we all had to get dressed this morning mummy?'. They're a bit on the large side to accommodate the feet I mentioned above but easy enough for small hands to practice with.

I completed the knitting yesterday afternoon and then popped it in the wash to felt it down. Then; whilst still wet, set to with a large knitting needle and lots of stuffing 'borrowed' from a cushion. It had to be filled wet so the felt could dry into it's new shape and as I pulled it from the machine I realised I had no toy stuffing left in my supplies argh. Billy went from 24" tall knitted to 19" felted and my sons coming home from hospital outfit fit him perfectly which was a newborn size - should be easy enough to dress the rest of him now.

The pattern came with instructions to make hair too, I'm not sure if I will add the hair or not so that it can be a boy or girl depending on what the boys want it to be to suit their play at the time. In fact, the hair is a crochet cap so I could make it a bit like a hat/wig I suppose. What do you think, confusing to the boys or helping them to be creative?? (over-thinking it I guess really)

Tuesday, 10 July 2012


I think I've got a thing for taking pictures of the sunset against the clouds - not sure why but couldn't help myself last night! Shepherds Delight YAY!

Monday, 9 July 2012


As they will be known for ever more! I L O V E the way children mix up words and even create their own. H wore them for half the trip and after that moved on to taking his camera out of his backpack instead, haven't checked out his shots yet, could be some greats in there.

We spent a day with Nanny & Grandad at the Cotswold Wildlife Park, a familiar haunt for me and boys as we tend to take a trip once a year but N&G hadn't been since the last time they took me, my Sister and Brother many many years ago.

The rain held off all day (yes you read that right) and we had a super time, two very tired pickles this evening so hoping for a lie in tomorrow morning - I'm not kidding myself, I know that for us that's not how it works...

A few photos of the day for you...

A Meerkat Maul?? Such cuties until they revealed their nashers
The boys asked the Peacock to 'turnaround for the camera please' and amazingly it did - quite a few times and then it shook and the boys just had to stand and shake too - a real giggle moment
The park invested in a great viewing platform for the giraffes in recent years - you can get so close to them and all buggy friendly too.
There was a lot of jumping out from hiding places as we walked around - much fun had by all
New life everywhere around the park, more than we've ever been lucky enough to see before
Amongst the captive wildlife there was some actual wildlife, this mummy duck flew over our heads and landed in the flooded ditch pools formed around the rhino enclosure, eagle eyed Grandad spotted the ducklings and of course I had to attempt a photo!
Have you ever seen a Lion awake at one of these sorts of places??? We also, saw the very elusive Leopards prowling their cage - amazing!

Friday, 6 July 2012

Craft Cookie...

I've been on the lookout for an online free resource for knitting stitches and have come across Craft Cookie, if you're into making your own things and want to find new stitches to use, they have loads sorted by style and all with a chart as well as written instructions on how to do it too.

What more can you ask for? Obviously not all stitches are there but it's another great place to look - where do you go to for inspiration??

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Garden Visitor...

Look who was enjoying the brief moment of sunlight this morning on my shed roof! Don't normally see more than sparrows and starlings so a real treat... I think it's a green finch??

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Why is there soooo much maths in knitting...

I've got an idea I'd like to try for a lacy edge to a shawl - sadly it's involving way more maths than I'm used to! I think even excel is about to explode with the number of formulas I'm using to work out the perfect stitch count and row number to get the lace repeat working correctly.

Anyhoo, a FO that used some of that maths to get the basic shape right has just been bound off, blocked and photographed to prove I really am making things at the moment.

A small shawl to wear in the style of a kerchief. I'm not happy with the size entirely or the colours for that matter but as a test knit it's fine. Watch this space for it's big sister shawl, which is still on paper but very soon to hit the needles!!!

Monday, 2 July 2012


Cheltenham Race For Life 10k...

A great day for a run around the race course and surrounding parklands - lots of lovely people working together to support the process of finding cures for all types of Cancer.

I smashed my goal of 1.20 and got round in 1 hour and 4 minutes, the local rag caught me at the finish line looking a little worse for wear! I think my photo above is a little better as I'd drank a bottle of water and had an ice lolly by then!!!!

Guess what - I've already signed up for next year too!