Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Less than 5… Super Spuds…

It probably goes without saying but thought I'd share a favourite Jacket Potato filling with you that's sure to fill you up too without going too mad on the calories

You will need..

1. Jacket Potato (s)

2. 0% fat greek yogurt (small tub)

3. Tuna (1 tin preferably in spring water if you can get it)

4. Cheese - hard of your choice, cheddar works well (100g grated - even better if you can get a low fat mature cheese)

5. 1 Pepper


· Pop your Jacket potato (s) into the microwave on high for 3 minutes - turn over and heat on high for another 3 minutes - test with a knife, if it goes in smoothly then it's done, if not give 2 min shots until ready - cut in half and scoop out the middle(s) into a bowl. Would be best if you check your microwave oven book for how long to cook potatos but this is what I do in my 1000w machine for 1 potato about the size of your hands clasped together.

· I like to put my peppers under the grill to 'char' for about 10 minutes and then de-seed and chop them into small chunks - keep your potato skins warm and give them a crispy outer by grilling at same time

· Grate your cheese if not already pre-prepared

· Add to the bowl with the scooped out soft potato, most of the yogurt (save a bit for dressing), all the tuna once drained, the chopped pepper, the cheese - mix together roughly

· Re-fill your now crispy potato skin and put back under the grill for 5 minutes to make sure everything nice and hot and melting

· Spoon on some of the saved yogurt and dig in!

Enjoy x

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