Sunday, 18 March 2012


It's been a month since my last post, I should have popped a note on before now...
I turned 30 in February and was hoping to blog about that but had a nasty windpipe infection that knocked me for 6 and spent the actual day in bed, missing the surprise meal dh had organised and anything else fun really!
I've since then committed myself to a healthy eating plan and exercise regime leading up to a 10k run. I don't want to lose momentum on this, so, have been using my spare time to do cardio exercise DVD's. I know that if I slow down on the regime I will soon wonder why I've stopped altogether. Posts will be sporadic whilst I find my rhythm.
My work is letting half our department go again in next few months, I'm sad for those who want a job; but I'm at a different life stage and being at home to look after littlest man when my eldest starts school in September would be great! Fingers crossed 3rd time lucky and I get redundancy in August.

I can't leave you without a cheery pic of my boys from our trip to the woods, you're sure to be surprised with them around they really let off steam and run and shout! Take care x