Friday, 3 February 2012

January Bleurgh...

I'm glad to see the back of January - it has been a dank dark and dreary month, not without it's mini crises either!!

I'm busy hookin' away on my granny stripe and have done enough to cover my knees whilst working (meant I could switch the heating off a bit earlier - can't believe the energy bill at the mo), I'd like to have it finished soon as little man has requested a Thomas the Tank Engine Jumper for his birthday and after my last intarsia efforts I want to get going with that well ahead of time.

February is upon us and Snow forecast for this weekend - perhaps we'll finally get to use the sledge bought last October? boys wake up most days and realise the house is cold and think that it's snowed we keep telling them it's coming. When we've had more snow than we can cope with and I write again in a couple of weeks complaining about the lack of road salting I'll need to remind myself how much they're looking forward to going to the hill and speeding down on their new blue sledge!

My crafting is at a minimum at the moment and I can't tell you exactly why - not hugely in the mood however, on another note I've caught up with some reading and am now on the 3rd book in the game of thrones series - perhaps that the reason for my lacklustre crafting.

With valentines around the corner I'll need to think up some treats to bring in to work - sure all you fellow bloggers won't let me down with some superb ideas!

Take Care for now and sorry for the quiet - I'm going to try one of the photo challenges in the next few weeks to take a picture every hour of the day (that you're awake!!!)

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  1. I thought it was just me who had the January blues!!! I hope that February is a better and brighter month for you can't wait to see your photos xxx


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