Sunday, 12 February 2012

Boys Toys...

I don't know about you but my boys have a lot of very definitely boys toys and with the exception of their soft toys less of the role play / life skills stuff. I can't afford to nor do I want them to have loads more toys so I've decided if they want to play cleaning up then they can use the real things and come along with me. We're cooking together and eating the spoils together so why shouldn't we all be stood at the kitchen sink!!! project mop begins - not sure how well it will go down with a 2 and 3 year old but sure it can’t hurt!

I've put the crochet down for a bit and came across this pattern (ravelry membership needed and there is a charge for this pattern) for a felted doll and whilst I think they're a work of art and very cutesy I can really see how a dress-up doll will help us get to grips with buttons/zips and the role play side of things. I have just enough (I hope) yarn in my stash that should felt nicely and is in a lovely fleshy tone to make 1 for the boys to share (a lesson in itself). Going to take a while though - I think it should be a he so will have to amend the hair a bit and the clothes patterns a lot!

I've got it in my head that the boys need to have the skills to live well for themselves and not to expect everything to be done for them. Would love to hear how you keep your little ones entertained and engaged with everyday life play x

ETA - well underway with the 'helping'...


  1. My nearly four year old loves heinz me clean, he can get a bit carried away with spaying everything in sight though!!! And I draw the line at him helping with the toilets although he would if he could, he also loves to help my older two with the dishwasher you just have to be prepared to grab anything that looks like it might be heading for the floor...I give Tomas little areas to do and I don't worry too much if they're not perfect, although I do make the older redo things is their first attempt was a bit half hearted, they have also this weekend been introduced to the joys of ironing, I'm hoping that this will make my daughter realise that just because you wore something for an hour doesn't mean that it needs to go in the washing basket!!! Good luck with your little ones and have fun!!!

  2. Just popping by to let you know I have awarded you the 'Liebster Blog Award' - hope you like it, details on my blog x


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