Tuesday, 3 January 2012

A little sweetie make... (Fondant Creme)

I'm a bit late in posting this but Christmas completely blew me away with it's sheer busy'ness this year.

My eldest and I had lots of making time when littlest man had his naps and during one such dreary afternoon we decided to make sweeties (the easy way of course).

Our take on the age old Peppermint Cream...

You will need:

A willing helper!

  • 1kg Fondant ready to roll icing
  • Icing Sugar to dust surface to prevent sticking
  • 3 tsps Flavouring - extract works best, we used orange this year
  • 200g Dark Chocolate - or use your preference (we prefer dark as these are v e r y sweet to begin with)
  • Cookie/Sweetie cutters - if you don't have these you could make lots of lovely sweet snowballs x
  • Non-Stick paper on a flat tray suitable for popping in the fridge
  • Hundreds & Thousands / Sprinkles / Silver Balls - anything you want to decorate with
  1. Begin by dusting your work top with icing sugar and also your rolling pin
  2. Roll out your fondant to about an inch thick
  3. Brush on your measured flavouring or make a little bowl with the fondant and just tip it in
  4. Roll your fondant into a sausage and keep rolling it, folding it in half and rolling it again until the flavour is nicely through your fondant - now's a good time to add more if it needs it
  5. Roll the flavoured fondant to 1cm thick (can do this in 2 halves to make life that bit easier - one for helper and one for you x)
  6. Cut your shapes and lay them on your prepared non-stick paper - pop into the fridge to set for 30 mins (try to keep helper from eating every single one they cut out!), re-roll and cut out until you're finished - you can re-seal any fondant you don't want to do now in cling film and store in a completely airtight container - great for a change of topping on cupcakes etc
  7. Whilst your shapes are cooling melt the chocolate in a bowl set over a simmering pan of water
  8. Depending on the age/ability of your helper - remove bowl of melted choc from heat and get them to drop cooled shapes into the mixture for you to fish out with a fork and leave to set on your non-stick trays
  9. Drizzle chocolate over the top (scrape a fork through the top for a fancy effect) or like our snowmen once dipped in chocolate you can dip in anything else takes your fancy
  10. Leave completed sweeties in fridge for a further hour or so before removing and if you can wait - leave them for another couple of hours to make sure nice and set before you present them as you wish

Having no actual cream/egg whites in them - these will keep for ages in a sealed container in the fridge - I don't know specifically how long so please use your own judgement

We made some labels on the PC and popped them in presentation bags for the boys to give to their carers and friends at Nursery for Christmas but these work all year round too x

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