Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Happy Birthday 2 today...

Here is the cake Mummy made for you of your favourite character Timmy... (Shaun the Sheeps little brother I think?)
Timmy's friend worm... looking after your candle x
A close up of Timmy...
And here we are with you modelling your new Timmy Time Jumper as frantically knitted from Simply Knitting January issue- Mummy had never tried a pictoral knit before and it may be a while before she tries one again (thankfully it's a size too big so should last a long time)!


  1. That's so sweet, he's such a cutie and he looks made up with his Timmy cake and jumper.xxxxx

    1. Thank you very much - blissfully asleep now, wouldn't be surprised to hear him baahing in his dreams soon!


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