Tuesday, 15 November 2011

And then there were 7...

I think we're doomed to be the owners of many rabbits! Do you remember me saying that although we split up mum and dad bunnies on the day we had 2 new kits and that it could already be too late. Well as of 11/11/11 another 3 tiny but very cute mewling kits entered the world, mum is a dirty brown colour and dad is black with white collar, no brown babies as yet must be a recessive gene:

4 days old (can you spot them all - trying not to disturb the amazing nest Bang has made for them, all from her own belly fur - ouch)

A month old, will be fully weaned by December 10th - dwarf lop cross:
It should be the end of it as dad had the snip within days of fatherhood and mum was due to be able to go and see the vet in a few weeks when our toddlers would have been weaned. We're also all set up to split the toddlers up as of December 10th when they are classed as weaned.

We're not looking to keep them all but are fully prepared to accept the responsibility we originally took on - I class this as pretty bad luck, ah well. Anyway, watch this space for more fun when we try to determine whether we've got girls or boys in a few more weeks!

Anyone looking for a pet bunny is free to add a comment and I'll be in touch - they won't be free as I would like to dissuade those who may be tempted to put them in a python cage as live bait - also I feel a cost adds more weight to the decision of taking on a pet.

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