Monday, 17 October 2011

A lick of paint...

I'm not sure if you can just about see the shed at the very bottom of the garden but with the elements hard at work this last year it had seen much better days and in particular was in need of wood treatment and a new roof. So I set to this weekend and painted the exterior surfaces (3 coats to get it just right) and re-felted the roof. I'm rather pleased with the roof as I suppose I thought it was more a job for DH but when you put your mind to it I think we girlies can achieve even the physical stuff too ;) . I installed a small solar panel on the roof which hooks up to an interior light for when we're hunting in the dark for that ever elusive screwdriver!

Just need to empty the shed and bin all the old pots of paint and broken buckets and spades and it'll be even easier to get at what we need to!

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