Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Useful stitchery...

I ran into one of my senior school teachers the other day and it made me reminisce about some of the other inspirational teachers I had the privilege of learning from.

One lady jumps to mind every time as she taught me the basics and the not so basic of many things textile based (Mrs Davis). I also still have the first knitting sample I followed in her class in my files of paperwork and spot it regularly, it's quite probably the worst bit of knitting I had ever done but then I did go on to teach myself more techniques and perhaps most importantly how to spot my mistakes!
 Anyway, all my plastic peg baskets have suffered in the recent windy weather - falling off their hooks and being dropped on countless occasions so I set to last night and using the skills taught me (for strengthened seams), I put together this little peg bag. Very little chance of this smashing to smithereens and with the double stitched seams of ripping either, the only design flaw so far is that it could do with having been made a little bigger.

I think Mrs Davis would be proud - especially seeing as I stitched my finger to the old viking husquavrna machine during my sewing machine driving license test all those years ago. I even had a play around with some scraps of fabric and remembered how to make flat, denim and hemmed seams without too much trouble.Thank you Mrs Davis...
Is there a skill that you remember being taught and have used recently?

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