Monday, 19 September 2011

Self Indulgence...

Money, ah - oh to have it in abundance or failing that enough not to feel exceedingly guilty when spending it on oneself rather than the weekly food shop or the wee ones...
(we do play the lottery so when I say abundance enough to pay off the mortgage would be bliss)

we're not in a bad way at all so this isn't a complaining post but just me admitting to a gorgeous spur of the moment had to have it post.

A friend of mine who can be found here produces the most lovely handpainted yarn and sells at my local wool shop; into which I popped today with the purpose of a needle purchase to help in my sock making, alas none available but I did find this...
Suri Silk Lace mmmmmmm, squishy, sooo soft and my favourite shade of green! Now, what to make?

Apologies for a really poor photo but every time I crop it Windows Picture thingamajiggy bins it somewhere so after 7 re-shoots at twilight I've decided to leave the windowsill in shot!


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