Monday, 12 September 2011

Fiaell pattern arrived!

Do you remember this scarf...

Time has marched on and I had completely forgotten about making the scarf and that when I won the magazine competition along with other keen designers that it would be added to a compilation book.

On Saturday this dropped on my doormat and is now officially available to buy. I hopped, I skipped and I sang around the living room for a good 20 minutes then of course rang my mum to tell her my pattern had been published!
Scarves - published by the Guild of Master Craftsman Publications.

The scarfs name has been changed but other than that look at that gorgeous model showing it off so well...

Can't express how pleased I am with the book and how lovely it was to see something I had created in print officially (they even attributed it to me, which was a lovely touch). It's a fabulous value book with 30 patterns in total and a good chunk I've never ever seen before in one guise or another which is refreshing. Well done to all who have had their work included - I'm never parting with my copy so expect to be making lots of the patterns as soon as I can!

Thank you Knitting magazine for a great competition and for my copy of the book x


  1. Whoa you are famous. Will have to buy the book so I can tell everyone that my niece is one of the designers. Well done Chloe. xx

  2. How mega exciting!! I'm gonna keep the scarf you knitted me in an even safer place now you are famous!
    I love mine, only just got it out and hand washed it ready for Autumn
    Kandi xx


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