Thursday, 14 July 2011

Race for life 2011...

A couple of weekends ago my Mum, Sister and myself took part in the annual Race For Life event held at Cheltenham Race Course. Now, this year they added a 10k circuit to what was usually only a 5k and no we didn't do it this time but have plans to next year yay!

We all Jog/Walked from start to finish, Faye completed first in 42 minutes and Mum and I achieved 45 minutes. I've been working hard ever since and have got my 3 mile lap down to 39 minutes and dropping so seems like the 10k is a good incentive for next year,

here we are after the hottest day in weeks and we chose to exercise in it - a great achievement and lots of fun x

p.s. Me, Sister, Mum x

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