Monday, 25 July 2011

Do these work...

I really like this saying, I just wish I could learn to weather lifes storms no matter the size by actually remembering this whilst they're happening!

Nothing in particular has sparked this though process - just a little musing and an accumulation of some smaller annoyances recently. Think I need to get back to some therapeutic crafting rather than all the demolition and landscaping of late.

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Stage Finale...

Sorry but this is the worst picture in the world as its so busy but also in other ways the best as it shows just how much more use we're getting from our newly landscaped garden - the decking is gone YAY! We have a patio that dries in minutes once the rain has stopped instead of over a couple of days and 3ft more lawn too (at least once the seed thats been sown comes up - should be quick in this warm and wet weather we're having). There a finishing touches and plenty of tidying up to do out there but the hard graft is out of the way and both DH and I are recovering from lifting and sledge hammering we did last Friday (I still can't grip things very tightly as my hands have just given up). It took 3 whole days of demolishing the old and laying the new to get this stage done - I have no idea how the 60 minute makeover crew do a whole house even with loads of people there!

For completeness here's the before shot taken on day one before any work started back in March (shocking length of time to do this)...

I promise to get another picture on a day when it's all been tidied properly but that could be a very long time coming!

Monday, 18 July 2011

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Race for life 2011...

A couple of weekends ago my Mum, Sister and myself took part in the annual Race For Life event held at Cheltenham Race Course. Now, this year they added a 10k circuit to what was usually only a 5k and no we didn't do it this time but have plans to next year yay!

We all Jog/Walked from start to finish, Faye completed first in 42 minutes and Mum and I achieved 45 minutes. I've been working hard ever since and have got my 3 mile lap down to 39 minutes and dropping so seems like the 10k is a good incentive for next year,

here we are after the hottest day in weeks and we chose to exercise in it - a great achievement and lots of fun x

p.s. Me, Sister, Mum x

Monday, 11 July 2011

Change is as good as...

A lick of purple paint chosen by biggest little man. Sadolin garden paint, Elizabeth's plum jam, what a name and what a colour- love it! Decking removal begins in earnest on Wednesday with a big dollop of uncertainty about how big a job it really is. For now a small but very satisfying garden change x

Monday, 4 July 2011


I've had a pretty poorly little boy for the last few days, he came down with a nasty chest infection that left him wheezing for breath and barking a very dry cough all night long.
Thankfully he's showing some signs of getting better, he's not coughing as much but still very wheezy, whilst he's remained cheerful his energy levels have been very low. We spent a lovely half an hour sitting with the bunnies trying to give them carrots - they're very tolerant of us and didn't bat an eyelid at little man chasing them around with carrots.
Can't believe how big they are now, in a few short weeks they've gone from being small enough to sit in my hands to big VERY hoppy rabbits.

They really helped cheer up a recovering little boy today, thank you Pop & Bang x

Friday, 1 July 2011

A summer evening...

mmmm, I wander past my lavender every evening after putting the bunnies to bed and it smells divine. I can't resist brushing my hand through the flowers and thought I would share a shot of it as well as some of the other little beauties in my very torn up garden...