Wednesday, 1 June 2011

A little boy turned 3 (big boy now!)...

Phew, I really need to catch up over here don't I! I've been sorely remiss, well here are some pictures of eldests 3rd Birthday - boy was it a mega marathon of a day...

We opened gifts in the morning then persuaded boys to go to nursery
I sat an exam in the morning whilst boys were at nursery
collected boys and drove to Thomas Land (at Drayton Manor)
Had a magical time on all the rides (quick tip but buy your tickets online in advance makes it much cheaper and easier to stomach - a day in advance was fine for us)
Came home had Jelly, Ice-Cream and Cake
Boys tried to sleep whilst dreaming of new toys and fun things (mummy started packing for holiday in 2 days time argh)

It's my birthday, wow look at the living room all decorated in every conceivable Thomas banner, bunting and sparkly stars hanging from the ceiling (I know you can't see it all but trust me it was there)

Look Mummy, I got SPENCER and I've just opened lots of other engines too, are they all for me?
Are we sitting in a carriage mummy, is that Percy - look Thomas is going the other way!
Happy Birthday little boy x

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  1. Looks like your little boy had a fabulous 3rd Birthday and you had a super hectic one, smiles all round though! hopefully you can relax a little on your holiday until then its busy busy busy!!! have fun


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