Thursday, 9 June 2011

Holiday Roundup...

For me this years trip to The Olde House, was characterised by new experiences (for all of us), and mostly was special because of the time we had to just BE a family - no clutter, no cleaning, no distractions. It makes me wonder why being at home is so different, why we feel the need to surround ourselves with stuff to fill our time when just appreciating a stroll or trip to the park is enough. I don't know; it says more about me I think than the holiday itself.

This is my favourite shot from the whole trip - so quirky to get them both mid the exact same pose!
This is what I mean about experiences - we could do this everyday!
Littlest man was VERY clingy the whole trip, whilst it was hard to be in demand every second - I know I'll look back and wish it could have lasted longer,Biggest Little Man became so independent and quite happily went off to play without needing someone to play with all the time, he helped out lots and his personality away from the tiredness of a long day at nursery shone through...
Finally, the biggest experience of all, we decided we could extend our little family and...drumroll please... meet the girls (finally I've evened out the odds!), Pop and Bang, so named as Pop is the clearest word from littlest and if one went Pop then the other went Bang (5 fat sausages sizzling in a pan). Can't tell you how relieved we were when the vet confirmed we had in fact got 2 girls - thank you google and all your many web sites that helped us to sex the bunnies!

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