Thursday, 30 June 2011

Oh Sew Beautiful...

Please take the time to pop over to this beautiful new blog, Jodi is hosting a giveaway closing on 16th July. Jodi and I are swap partners for KandiPandi's fabric swap - I am getting very close to sending my parcel if only my little make would stop being interrupted by everyday life - sorry it won't be much longer x

Click on the picture for a link back to the blog x

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Basic essentials...

You'd think that as a knitter I would be fanatical about socks but I'm not as enamoured with them as many others, at least not until recently.

I couldn't see the point when I could buy much better than I could make and even expensive socks were cheaper than the cost of my labour. And that's where I had been going wrong sock knitting is just for fun and relaxation, much easier than I had been making it previously and heaps more rewarding than I thought. Especially wearing one sock whilst knitting the second I got so quick!

The pictures below show two pairs I made last week, ugly utilitarian colours but I wanted to de-stash. I think I may get hooked, all that remains to be seen is how quickly I wear them out, I'm notorious for putting holes in the heels of socks. Are there patterns out there for reinforced heels?

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Holiday Roundup...

For me this years trip to The Olde House, was characterised by new experiences (for all of us), and mostly was special because of the time we had to just BE a family - no clutter, no cleaning, no distractions. It makes me wonder why being at home is so different, why we feel the need to surround ourselves with stuff to fill our time when just appreciating a stroll or trip to the park is enough. I don't know; it says more about me I think than the holiday itself.

This is my favourite shot from the whole trip - so quirky to get them both mid the exact same pose!
This is what I mean about experiences - we could do this everyday!
Littlest man was VERY clingy the whole trip, whilst it was hard to be in demand every second - I know I'll look back and wish it could have lasted longer,Biggest Little Man became so independent and quite happily went off to play without needing someone to play with all the time, he helped out lots and his personality away from the tiredness of a long day at nursery shone through...
Finally, the biggest experience of all, we decided we could extend our little family and...drumroll please... meet the girls (finally I've evened out the odds!), Pop and Bang, so named as Pop is the clearest word from littlest and if one went Pop then the other went Bang (5 fat sausages sizzling in a pan). Can't tell you how relieved we were when the vet confirmed we had in fact got 2 girls - thank you google and all your many web sites that helped us to sex the bunnies!

Monday, 6 June 2011

Stage 3 Complete...

Sorry, I should have shown you this without the rug on the decking but Stage 3, grass grown and playhouse moved to new home is finally complete. It has taken weeks of doubt and standing with a hose pipe to create this verdant lawn but there we are, the hours of care and graft have not been wasted.

Next stage is to remove the decking and then finally to lay all the slabs properly and we'll be done. Still so much hard work to come but before Autumn is here we'll be finished...

Have you undertaken any big projects this year?

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

A little boy turned 3 (big boy now!)...

Phew, I really need to catch up over here don't I! I've been sorely remiss, well here are some pictures of eldests 3rd Birthday - boy was it a mega marathon of a day...

We opened gifts in the morning then persuaded boys to go to nursery
I sat an exam in the morning whilst boys were at nursery
collected boys and drove to Thomas Land (at Drayton Manor)
Had a magical time on all the rides (quick tip but buy your tickets online in advance makes it much cheaper and easier to stomach - a day in advance was fine for us)
Came home had Jelly, Ice-Cream and Cake
Boys tried to sleep whilst dreaming of new toys and fun things (mummy started packing for holiday in 2 days time argh)

It's my birthday, wow look at the living room all decorated in every conceivable Thomas banner, bunting and sparkly stars hanging from the ceiling (I know you can't see it all but trust me it was there)

Look Mummy, I got SPENCER and I've just opened lots of other engines too, are they all for me?
Are we sitting in a carriage mummy, is that Percy - look Thomas is going the other way!
Happy Birthday little boy x