Monday, 2 May 2011

Tick Tock Toddler Clock...

I had been looking around for a little while for a cheapish clock that had an easily removeable cover. Reason being is that little man has been getting up and out of bed as soon as he wakes, anything from 5 onwards is fairly normal.

We've been popping a gate across his room to encourage him to find his toys/books etc and play quietly for just a wee bit longer, else we have a Mr Grumpy from 10am and that's no fun at all. It was working to a point but if like me the idea of a gate doesn't feel completely right, you may want to try 'adapting' said cheap clock into a 'you should stay in your room and rest in bed until' clock.

You will need:

  • 1 clock
  • 1 of your toddlers favourite comics/magazines with free stickers attached or not (you can cut out pics if you like)
  • patience and your wits about you to get those stickers on in the right place!
  • sticky tape
  • scissors

  1. get your toddler comfortably sat at a table reading comic of favourite character
  2. remove clock face cover
  3. ask your toddler which stickers they would like on the face
  4. place a sticker near or inbetween the numbers you would like them to know it's okay to get up at (we've chosen 7-7.30) and place an easily identifiable sticker there
  5. choose and place another sticker at the end of the hour hand, to prevent it sticking to the face, cut a piece of sticky tape large enough to 'back' the sticker and when both surfaces pressed together there should be no risk of hands getting stuck or stickers getting dried out in sunny rooms and falling off ruining your hard work
  6. trim the edges of the sticky tape to match your sticker
  7. replace cover
  8. explain to your toddler for example, 'when the little hand with a star shape on the end reaches the orange engine by the number 7, then you can get up out of bed' - this is going to take a little bit of time and consistency so when they're up and coming to find you at 6, back to bed they go with a gentle reminder that the clock doesn't say it's getting up time yet (added bonus - it's not you saying it's not time to get up but the clock). If you want you can put a bedtime sticker on as well, for us we use our clock downstairs anyway so haven't on the one you can see.
So for the price of a clock from Wilkinsons £2.50 and a comic £2.00 that gives hours of reading fun as well as those all important character stickers you have a little clock perfectly suited to your toddler who's been engaged throughout the whole process x

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