Thursday, 5 May 2011

Cluck cluck...

Went to a local garden centre yesterday with my boys, their Aunty and Nanny (my Mum and Sisterro). I wasn't looking to buy anything for indoors but wanted to find an ornamental tree or shrub to add to our garden overhaul to grant us a little shade in years to come. Alas - no tree was available at least not in my price range anyway!

But, my sister spotted these two lovely ladies and I decided they were perfect for adding to my new kitchen items ready for when it will be done. I took them to the counter along with a pack of half price Cadbury Caramel Bunnies for the boys to share and as the lovely lady could not find a price and they were the last two in the store, she scanned the bunnies twice more so I had each one for 39p WOW!

Aren't they lovely - can't wait to have a boiled egg and soldiers with them x

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