Sunday, 10 April 2011

Stage 2 Complete...

All paving slabs that are coming up in this round are up and the ground is ready for preparing. It took 4 trips to the tip just to get rid of the mortar from beneath the slabs. I now need to turn the earth - pick up and bag the small stones ready for laying under the patio when we do that x. Incidentally, the decking isn't going to come up for about a month so that the lawn has plenty of time to become established - and our bodies recover from the shock of lifting so much weight too!

Last summer I was collecting in the washing and as I stepped down from the decking I stepped on a frog, which promptly hopped under the decking and I was worried for ages that it was going to die under there - but look what we found yesterday (same frog do you think - it definitely stared me straight in the eye down the lens)...
Oh and yes we've got some little furry friends that have been hiding under the patio too - just look at their hoard of hazelnut shells!


  1. Oh well done. Did you have a nice bath and good slug of something?

    Those frogs get everywhere - I had one hop into my lap whilst weeding the other day!

    Looking forward to the next instalment.

  2. It is looking very good! Let me know if you need some help at some point and I will get stuck in!!


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