Saturday, 30 April 2011

Stage 3 En Route...

or is it in root??? I jumped for joy when the first green shoots appeared and I've been jumping almost daily since - it's only taken 6 days to germinate which is something of a record for grass I think AND it was the Wilko Everyday Value box - Fantastic value if you ask me!! Watering like crazy to give it the best possible start but can't wait to have almost half of our garden back in use. Will post a pic when lawn is looking lush all over x

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Guess what we did...

Yup, we did some splashing! I put some warm water in the paddling pool, tipped in the ballpit balls for extra giggles and we splashed, kicked, jumped, got out, got in, got back out again for over an hour - phew relentless... but at least no bath-time.

Thank goodness for sunny days spent outdoors x

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Easter swap...

I got home today to a card from my postie - I went straight to the depot and picked up a lovely box wrapped in brown paper and inside were all these goodies.

I was paired with the lovely Pene from Scrap My Midlife Crisis and these are what she sent. Pene is so talented I had a lovely time browsing both her blog and items on Etsy - you should pop over and have a look, the bags especially (IMO) are superb items.

Pene, thank you so much, I was thrilled with everything- you got me to a T, I can't wait to use my new tray for sandwiches and tin for home-baked biscuits this weekend and my new mug and tea bags will be coming with me to work tomorrow. The teacup candle is in a beautiful teacup that is going to fit in perfectly with my refurbished kitchen's colourscheme and I'm going to try out my bunny mould tomorrow night! Your beading is beautiful, such a talented lady!! Thank you again and a very happy Easter to you and yours x

P.s. the card is a brooch, the rolls are little patterned tapes (such cute designs) and the top of the item on the left is a little reminder board with a peg to put important things on x

These are what I sent last week x

  • Hleownes Shawlette/Neckerchief
  • Bronnley Lily of the Valley Soap in tin
  • Bunny shaped tin with little choc eggs inside
  • Some bright fat quarters
  • Cross Stitch kit
  • Vintage button necklace
  • Pin Cushion
  • 3 Easter Chicks with surprises for Pene's Grandchildren
  • Almond smellies
  • All tied up with some Easter Ribbon

Monday, 18 April 2011

Easter babies...

I was given a pattern to make Easter chicks a long time ago it was found in a very old magazine at a church bazaar some years ago. I tinkered with the pattern slightly to make it a little easier and have posted the pattern in my sidebar on the right x
They are so quick to make and great for using up odds and ends of yarn and felt scraps - and also a fantastic storage device for that staple of Easter goodies x

The pattern is on the right for you and also available here on Ravelry (for free of course). It's already been picked up by a few people and I even had a blog posted here before I'd finished writing this up- SOOOOO excited x

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Happy Birthday....

You know who you are, have a great day and enjoy your bus pass (when you're entitled to it in another year and a month, oh and only on off-peak services, pointless - go government yay!).

Monday, 11 April 2011

Small steps...

I can't remember or see if I shared with you my plans to try designing at least 1 item a month to create my own collection of patterns - I thought I would start with baby garments as whilst they're small and quicker to make they will help (I hope) with perfecting the construction of garments before expanding my horizons.

So with that in mind - here are my first two attempts a pair of small shoes (rather than bootees and a cloche style summer hat) - I need to write them up and size them up too but I hope to release them on Ravelry soon.

What do you think? Any ideas for a name for these? Naming things is the hardest part, especially when I'd like to keep a theme going x

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Stage 2 Complete...

All paving slabs that are coming up in this round are up and the ground is ready for preparing. It took 4 trips to the tip just to get rid of the mortar from beneath the slabs. I now need to turn the earth - pick up and bag the small stones ready for laying under the patio when we do that x. Incidentally, the decking isn't going to come up for about a month so that the lawn has plenty of time to become established - and our bodies recover from the shock of lifting so much weight too!

Last summer I was collecting in the washing and as I stepped down from the decking I stepped on a frog, which promptly hopped under the decking and I was worried for ages that it was going to die under there - but look what we found yesterday (same frog do you think - it definitely stared me straight in the eye down the lens)...
Oh and yes we've got some little furry friends that have been hiding under the patio too - just look at their hoard of hazelnut shells!

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Rainy day cakes...

Spoons at the ready, let's all have a good stir!...
Concentrate now or it might go everywhere (surprising little spillage today)...
Phew, the one job mummy was in charge of was the oven timing and she didn't blow it...
Yummy, can I have some more please...

Monday, 4 April 2011

Stage 1 Complete...

(not a huge change but it's where you can make out the line of dark compost and green box bushes)

So the bottom tier is now in it's final layout and we're ready to start taking up the central paving. We're borrowing a jack hammer to help with the mortar that's holding the slabs down as it was a killer trying to break by hand even on that small a section.

We both had minor triumphs - I managed to get an annoying house brick away from my section and DH managed a breeze block. I'm such a girl - I hopped about for joy when that darn brick came out about 30 mins later, eurgh such hard physical work!