Friday, 25 March 2011

Spring heralds changes...

So this is the before photo (I'm fairly convinced that the after photo will be in the next couple of months if not weeks as I'm very keen to get on with this project. The chalk lines you can faintly see, mark out very roughly how things will be changing x
And here is my plan...
We currently have a really lovely low maintenance garden that suited us down to the ground "ahem" whilst we travelled around the country for work. Since two little additions to the family and also some wear and tear to the decking in particular we're hoping to make our garden more family/child friendly with some reasonably sized but basic changes.

We're getting rid of one of the tiers so we'll have one level of patio and lawn to let the boys ride bikes and run for a good stretch and I'm adding in some raised beds to appease my itchy green fingers (I also think it's important that the boys get to see where some of their food comes from as I plan to have a small salad patch in one of the beds).

So without having to buy much more than some sand and topsoil oh and a couple of spades to do the work we should have a low cost change before summer is really upon us!

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  1. Is there no limit to the projects that you are capable of? If only C&G recognised your true worth.


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