Thursday, 10 March 2011

The love is spread...

Oh wow, BlingaBlonga and I had a trial by royal mail with our recent swap - we dutifully waited the 15 days after posting to find out where the parcel had gone to, only for it to turn back up at Linda's marked as 'not collected' by myself (I think 3 trips to the depot and 2 to my local PO should count as having tried to collect it - so where exactly had they sent it to?), anyway enough of that, the contents were well worth the wait x
I should explain that the swap was for Valentines so these gifts are themed to that effect...

Pictorially they are gorgeous but oh for smellivision, mmmmmm - this parcel was deliciously Lavender x
Stripey and bold parcels x
Entire contents x I've a thing for owls, a bit like my Gigi (Grandma) and the canvas bag is just so gorgeous - will be shown off at work today! Some Crafty hearts, beaded heart keyring, chocolates in a heart shaped box, skein of Sirdar Crofter - very soft, a book by an author local to Linda (can't wait to read) and others as shown below...
Lavender Sachet x
Hand Felted Needle Roll (with needles too) x
Hand made yo-yo corsage x

Thank You Linda - such a lovely collection of gifts xxx

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