Friday, 25 March 2011

Spring heralds changes...

So this is the before photo (I'm fairly convinced that the after photo will be in the next couple of months if not weeks as I'm very keen to get on with this project. The chalk lines you can faintly see, mark out very roughly how things will be changing x
And here is my plan...
We currently have a really lovely low maintenance garden that suited us down to the ground "ahem" whilst we travelled around the country for work. Since two little additions to the family and also some wear and tear to the decking in particular we're hoping to make our garden more family/child friendly with some reasonably sized but basic changes.

We're getting rid of one of the tiers so we'll have one level of patio and lawn to let the boys ride bikes and run for a good stretch and I'm adding in some raised beds to appease my itchy green fingers (I also think it's important that the boys get to see where some of their food comes from as I plan to have a small salad patch in one of the beds).

So without having to buy much more than some sand and topsoil oh and a couple of spades to do the work we should have a low cost change before summer is really upon us!

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Off to the big smoke...

Going to visit some venues in London for work today, i've never been to the city on my own and I'm nervously excited. I never thought of myself as a true country girl before today, whilst this is an adventure I couldn't see me making it a habit or living anywhere less rural than I do now. Here's my journey reading and I tried to get my beloved  countryside whizzing by but alas all I saw was my reflection...

Thursday, 10 March 2011

The love is spread...

Oh wow, BlingaBlonga and I had a trial by royal mail with our recent swap - we dutifully waited the 15 days after posting to find out where the parcel had gone to, only for it to turn back up at Linda's marked as 'not collected' by myself (I think 3 trips to the depot and 2 to my local PO should count as having tried to collect it - so where exactly had they sent it to?), anyway enough of that, the contents were well worth the wait x
I should explain that the swap was for Valentines so these gifts are themed to that effect...

Pictorially they are gorgeous but oh for smellivision, mmmmmm - this parcel was deliciously Lavender x
Stripey and bold parcels x
Entire contents x I've a thing for owls, a bit like my Gigi (Grandma) and the canvas bag is just so gorgeous - will be shown off at work today! Some Crafty hearts, beaded heart keyring, chocolates in a heart shaped box, skein of Sirdar Crofter - very soft, a book by an author local to Linda (can't wait to read) and others as shown below...
Lavender Sachet x
Hand Felted Needle Roll (with needles too) x
Hand made yo-yo corsage x

Thank You Linda - such a lovely collection of gifts xxx

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Delightful Blogger Award...

In honour of my my blog reaching and running swiftly past 250 posts I'd like to present an award. Whilst it feels as though I've written a lot of posts, I've read three times as many looking for things to share so...

I've put together this little award to express my gratitude for posts that have delighted and entertained me x

A couple of simple thoughts...
  • If you're happy to, please pass this on to as many bloggers as you feel delight you
  • Please don't feel any obligation
  • If you pass it on, please share why you're delighted with their blog
Thank you and here are my first 6 delightful bloggers - there are so many more I'd like to share with you over coming weeks x

Marmalade Rose - Your use of vintage fabrics inspires me constantly - I wish I had your knowledge to find the fabrics in the first place!
Kandipandi - Such a variety of things to read and to wish I could make (I don't have even half your talent!)
Coco Rose Textiles - Beautiful, beautiful soft colours and lovely witty posts x
Cakes from Kim - Dedication to Blogvent and really opened my eyes to the delights of baileys scones!
Fayefayesparkle - Because you share everything you find with me and your baked goods always leave me fighting to get into the kitchen x
Mad About Bags - Wow, why don't my bags ever look like yours - so generous with your comments too!

Made me smile...

Wistful - watching Daddy cooking lunch in the kitchen
Cheeky - trying to climb up and through the hatch to be in the kitchen with Daddy and Big Brother (didn't know he could take a step up like that! he's only been crawling up the stairs so far)

Monday, 7 March 2011


For any local readers - a new yarn store has opened in the centre of Gloucester called Miju, Ravelry group of the same name and it looks like they're offering weekly knit and natters as well.

It's located in the Westgate Quarter by the Cathedral Car Park entrance x

Sunday, 6 March 2011

Curfel to come...

Using some basic cabling I created Curfel this cowl, the finished article can be knit as a rectangle and seamed or using some more challenging techniques: Provisional Cast-On and Kitchener Stitch.

Pattern to follow (when it's written -oops, thought I'd already typed it up but still in my notebook)...

Saturday, 5 March 2011

Spring Giveaway...ENDS 7th MARCH x

Head over to Mad About Bags for a lovely spring giveaway - click picture for details x

Brave Torte...

I continue to be busy making things and whilst it seems all I'm doing at the moment is baking, that isn't strictly true. I continue to knit feverishly away but somehow cakes seem to be done and dusted in under a couple of hours, but, the tunic I'm designing and knitting as I go is taking me forever to get how I would like so for now here's me being brave and making a chocolate Torte and more stupidly putting the egg whites to test and holding over my head (although the pic shows it in front of me as I wasn't quite brave enough to hold the bowl for longer than a few seconds so no way was I waiting for the 10 second timer!).
Ahhh, just look at those egg whites, mixed by my grandmothers electric hand whisk (just in the foreground above) it's the longest surviving piece of kit in my kitchen, so good to use.
Before the mixture had a chance to cool and sink into the dense texture we expect of a torte...
and after, sorry I had to take a slice as soon as it was cool to see how it turned out!
Not my own recipe but I did adapt it as the original seemed a bit too eggy for my liking, won't share my version as I haven't changed it enough to call it my own x

What's your bravest/maddest bake??