Thursday, 17 February 2011

Pavlova Palava...

I was doing baking today and had to use 2 egg yolks in some bread I was trialling and thought it was a real shame to waste the whites I'd spent ages separating out.

Aha, meringue - but I had no caster sugar so I had yet another aha moment, I thought it would be worth trying with icing sugar instead and boy did it work well!

I used 3 egg whites and approx 500g icing sugar (this weight would vary depending on the size of your eggs - mine were all odd). Then I hunted in the back of the fridge and found my emergency long life cream and I knew I had fresh strawberries - although I do always have frozen berries at the ready.

I poured all the meringue onto a baking paper lined tray and dug out a hole in the middle for the cream and fruit and voila - 2 1/2 hrs baking at 100 in my fan oven and all ready for piling on.

Won't be making it again for a bit. Whilst it tastes lovely, my sweet tooth is in overdrive right now!

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