Saturday, 5 February 2011

I am not a moonhead...

In search of the perfect hat pattern (for my head that is), I came across this slouchy beret type - Ravelry again but also here. I duly knitted up the pattern and then modelled for DH, 'what do you think?', 'hmmm you look like a moonhead'.

Least inspiring comment award goes to... but still, it is my most worn hat to date.

In an effort to get the next hat just right (in his opinion), I asked DH to search for a pattern with me and he came up with 2 more, 1 I've photographed and will post tomorrow, the other is yet to be knitted.


  1. Oh, he`s a silly old DH isn`t he??!! Your hats are beautifully done Chloe and very stylish. I`ve crocheted a couple myself this winter and adapted the patterns to suit my taste (I never could conform to the norm!). Thankfully, the recipients seemed to love them. Of course, I didn`t tell my sister that hers started out as a tea cosy!!
    How`s the job going?

  2. Moonhead?? He is pulling your leg it's beautiful and you look lovely in it!
    Kandi x


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