Friday, 7 January 2011


A little sewing project to pretty up my ahem, very very cheap tissues - we got through so many that paying £2 a box was really starting to annoy me - they all go the same way don't they!

You'll need some fabric - enough to make 2 each of

10" x 7"
6" x 5"
Start by hemming the top of the long side of each of your larger rectangles
Then lay your pieces out like below to give you an idea of the construction
Fold your smaller rectangle in half by the longer side so that makes 3" across - place the centre of the fold to the side next to your first hemmed top (wrong sides together so that it will look lovely when turned)
Stitch your ends onto the longer rectangles and snip the corners to ease the fold when turned right side out
Thread some elastic and stitch around the bottom opening to help it stay on your 'cheapo' tissue box
Not a fandabidozee tutorial for a beginner but hope it gets the cogs going for anyone else x

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