Sunday, 30 January 2011


I'm sorry it's been a while - I've been busy doing all sorts of things, whilst my crafting time is very reduced right now it hasn't been non-existent. I'll get my camera out and take some pictures soon I promise!

For now, I've had a couple of personal Messages and to answer them all - yes work is going well, I'm really getting my teeth into a couple of things and just catching up on all the annual training is keeping me very busy indeed!

I'm sticking with it all for now - the boys have been fine every time they've been dropped at nursery and it's been so lovely picking them up when they're bubbling over with happy smiles and lots of excited chat about what eldest has been up to!

I can't fib and say everything around the home is going well as I haven't got into the swing of it yet but... I am hoping I'll get my act together soon (or at least a washing fairy will come and do all my laundry for me)!

I'm working hard on my valentine swap - it may be a little late in posting but I'll get it there by the day itself as I want to make sure it will be lovely!

More posts to come (still got some Christmas gifts I've been dying to show off to you , argh).

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

13:31 Baby Blunn is 1...

This is your first Birthday
A very special one
A lovely kind of day
For treats and lots of fun
From the time you get up
Till you rest your head tonight
We hope your first Birthday
Fills you with delight

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Back to work...

(Image courtesy of Google images and here)

Well I was delayed by a week due to a nasty bout of Bronchitis but it's finally here... 1 week before little man turns one and I'm due back to work, I've arranged three 8-hour days a week and the boys will be in Nursery for 9 hours on those days to allow for travel.

To say I'm completely mixed up about it is an understatement -
  • I want to contribute financially to our household
  • I want some time to do something that reminds me of who I used to be
  • I don't want to be reminded of my old self, I feel I've grown so far from that now
  • I don't want to be pulled in all directions and to feel I'm not carrying out any of my responsibilities to my usual standard
  • I have to be near my boys - the ache in my chest when I'm not is unbearable
  • I want to be the best wife and mother I can be - does this help me achieve it
  • I want to give work and myself a chance - it may make me a better person

Eurgh, I could go on but I shan't - one day at a time I will get through six months of work and review then - is this a fair timeframe??

Friday, 7 January 2011


A little sewing project to pretty up my ahem, very very cheap tissues - we got through so many that paying £2 a box was really starting to annoy me - they all go the same way don't they!

You'll need some fabric - enough to make 2 each of

10" x 7"
6" x 5"
Start by hemming the top of the long side of each of your larger rectangles
Then lay your pieces out like below to give you an idea of the construction
Fold your smaller rectangle in half by the longer side so that makes 3" across - place the centre of the fold to the side next to your first hemmed top (wrong sides together so that it will look lovely when turned)
Stitch your ends onto the longer rectangles and snip the corners to ease the fold when turned right side out
Thread some elastic and stitch around the bottom opening to help it stay on your 'cheapo' tissue box
Not a fandabidozee tutorial for a beginner but hope it gets the cogs going for anyone else x

Thursday, 6 January 2011

New year, new swap...

Only today and tomorrow left on sign-up for this one. Just what I fancy after festivities have come to an end x

Click the picture for the link. Open to all around the world x.

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Secret Santa sent...

I sent my parcel back in November to PostcardsfromthePP, I do love brown paper packages... done up with ribbons and lace rather than string x
Buttons and ribbons galore x

Is it a strawberry or is it a handy little shopper?? Behind is a notebook and a vintage copy of Good Housekeepings Patchwork and Applique.

Araucania, Ranco Multy, 4ply self striping sock yarn x
A range of fat quarters
And finally some little birds for the Christmas tree x

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Christmas Roundup...

It's been a week or so and it's all over, and yes it is a bit of a relief as it was very hectic but great fun too. Icicles in twilight - I've NEVER seen real ones before this year!
I've got the final two Christmas Cakes to show you - I kept them white and just added some stars and ribbon to give them a slight christmassy look...Here are the lovely gifts I opened from FeltlikeStitchin for the Secret Santa Swap, Thank you so much - me to a T!! x I wish I could sew as well as you! another post to follow with what I sent to PostcardsfromthePP.

The Crochet Ripple Blanket to adorn my parents chilly leather sofa was finished amid a flurry of activity on Christmas Eve - eve, talk about last minute (not something I cope terribly well with).

Hope your festivities were as good as you'd hoped!