Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Delightful Blogger Award...

In honour of my my blog reaching and running swiftly past 250 posts I'd like to present an award. Whilst it feels as though I've written a lot of posts, I've read three times as many looking for things to share so...

I've put together this little award to express my gratitude for posts that have delighted and entertained me x

A couple of simple thoughts...
  • If you're happy to, please pass this on to as many bloggers as you feel delight you
  • Please don't feel any obligation
  • If you pass it on, please share why you're delighted with their blog
Thank you and here are my first 6 delightful bloggers - there are so many more I'd like to share with you over coming weeks x

Marmalade Rose - Your use of vintage fabrics inspires me constantly - I wish I had your knowledge to find the fabrics in the first place!
Kandipandi - Such a variety of things to read and to wish I could make (I don't have even half your talent!)
Coco Rose Textiles - Beautiful, beautiful soft colours and lovely witty posts x
Cakes from Kim - Dedication to Blogvent and really opened my eyes to the delights of baileys scones!
Fayefayesparkle - Because you share everything you find with me and your baked goods always leave me fighting to get into the kitchen x
Mad About Bags - Wow, why don't my bags ever look like yours - so generous with your comments too!


  1. Awww, thank you so much Chloe, my first ever blog award! I'm really touched. Glad you appreciated my Blogvent efforts and the world is definitely a better place with Baileys scones in it :) x

  2. Thanks honey! As for talken, your knitting beats anything I could make you are my knitting heroine!
    Kandi xx


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